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nah, im prob not gonna get a donor car until later. im gonna do the work in stages.

phase 1: gonna build a dual avcs 257 motor first, build a custom wiring harness for it and the stock 08+ ecu, and install the bare minimum to make the ecu run the dual avcs correctly. get a tune, and get whatever i can disabled on the ecu so there's less to install to get the car to run. i may even run higher compression cp pistons, so i can get away with running it n/a until i piece together the turbo stuff.

phase 2:find a rolled or totalled 08 shell with no motor (possibly one that still has a trans), and start swapping stuff like the 4 channel abs system, suspension, dccd bits, cluster, si drive etc.

ultimately, i want a very capable, somewhat sleeper car that can tackle anything. mud, rain, snow, DDing, autox etc. a low key subaru that is cheaper on insurance, but will perform just as well as a new sti. full sti si drive and dccd controls, complete w/ sti cluster in the same legacy dash, the newer 4 channel abs system, and front and rear helical lsds. then maybe later on if i come across a better, newer shell i'll swap it all over. i'll make all of the wiring easy to work on and transfer to another car if need be.

that's the plan anyways, and you know how those usually go...hahaha
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