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Default UPDATE: AVCS wired up....poorman's way at least

UPDATE: 10/26/12

Most of you will recall that I had a difficult time repinning the ECU pins, that is, I could not get the tiny pins out no matter what I tried, I even purchased the bmotorsports thin spade tool, and managed to break the tip of it trying to push the pins out. I was about to give up until I stumbled upon the new product introduced by who elso, iaperformance. The shop now offer not only hard to find V7 EJ207 parts, but now offer the Subaru ECU Female Pins, the exact pins that would fit into the ECU. Perhaps, iaperformance saw the market need for those DIY'ers who want to make their own AVCS harness kit and decided to offer this product. Lifesaver!!!! What that, I figured if I can't repin, than I'll simply cut those wires, solder on the ECU Female pins to those wires on the WRX bulkhead harness, and add them to the correct locations on the ECU plug.

To refresh your memory:
Follow the AVCS Install Document

I had the fortune to score a shielded EJ207 AVCS wires from the board, but if you want to make your own, you can purchase the shielded wires off ebay:, buy the iaperformance Female ECU pins, and also source the pins for the engine block harness. I'll have to research more to find the engine block pins.

Below are the pics of my wiring job, excuse the poor focus, it's difficult to hold the camera and hold connectors at the same time.

Here is the driver side engine block harness where you need to repin the TGV wires

Pop off the white lock

With the lock popped off

Use a very thin precision flathead to unlock the pins. Viewing from the connector side, you'll see the pins are locked in place by a tiny lock, insert tool in between the lock and the top of pin to unlock, then pull from backside. Sorry no pics of that process

Here is what the harness looks like after repinning, if I remember correctly, all the pins were relocated one row up, from row 2.

Moving to the ECU side of the wiring harness:

Here, you'll want to unlock the ECU pins by propping the lock by inserting a tool to hold the unlock in position (see the red screwdriver in the pic). The ECU connector needs to remain unlocked for you to insert the new pins, so leave it there until you've completed the pin insertion. Be careful as the locking tab is rather fragile. As you can see, I've labeled the four wires that need to be relocated.

Before you proceed to cut the wires, make sure you label the wires with the pin location that you're moving them to. You may wonder what happens to the pins that remain in the ECU connector. Since the JDM ECU is not looking for the TGV's, then leaving them in there doesn't do anything as the ECU is not getting a signal from those pins anyways.

Here is what it looks like after I soldered on the pins

This is the "UP" orientation at which you'll insert the pins.

The above process assumes you already have a AVCS wiring harness (the four shielded wires, with the correct pins for the ECU connector and for the passenger side engine block harness. I took the poor man's route because I was too cheap to buy the iaperformance harness. Although I honestly believe they offer a superior product at a reasonable price that could've saved me alot of time, I decided to try it myself first. I ended up purchasing something from them anyways =)

Big thanks to NASIOC member Chromes for providing the link to the ebay shielded wires link and the bmotorsports tool link.

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