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One of my friends gave me some of this stuff a while back and I actually use it all the time now. I thought he was full of crap too when he first told me about it, but it brought my work van from 11.8 mpg to 13.6 mpg after just the first month, break that down...

11.8 x 20 gal = 236 miles
13.6 x 20 gal = 272 miles (36 extra miles)

36 miles / 11.8 origional millage = 3.05 gallons worth of extra millage

The treatment is about $3.50 per 20 gal (if you get the 2 oz, 8 treatment bottle), but im getting 3 extra gallons worth of millage, which means even after cost of treatment, im still saving money so I use it on everything now, my car, the wifes car, the lawn mowers (good for the lubrication and fuel stablizing).

All the negitive comments Ive seen havent actually shown any negitive results, any one here actually try it and not have good results?
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