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Originally Posted by Dex View Post
Also, I wonder how the Si is selling. Is it part of that well selling statistic? Or is it just the mom-mobile version of the civic that is selling so well. I have seen only a few Si sedans, and even less of the coupes. Now I understand that's not a clear indicator of sales records, but in comparison, I see a lot of the previous gen Si cars.

You gotta figure Plane Jane and Less-than-average Joe don't really care how nice the Civic is in comparison to the completion, they are probably more attracted to the Honda reputation. They probably buy a lot of Apple stuff as well...
I think Honda is smart enough to realize that a lot of their sales come from a long-term reputation they've built for quality and reliability. But for 90% of consumers, this reputation is carried through advice/experiences of friends & family. And a lot of that hearsay originates with the magazines and guys like Consumer Reports, but it takes a while for that to trickle out to the general populace. So even if sales looked good this year, Honda knows that if they spend too many years out of the top rankings through the grapevine effect it WILL catch up to them.

I don't know how the Si's sales are, but IMO it really needs a refresh. It's been slower than the MS3 and WRX for a long time. The GTI, which has always been more popular has a new model coming soon. The base Focus ST is priced well and has been getting great press. The new Veloster Turbo is even more competition in the Si's space with low price, good mileage and sporty-ish aspirations. Do we even need to mention the FR-S/BRZ? Any feature you want, and there's a car that does it better than the Si.
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