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Default not finished quite yet...

Hi all,

I followed the DIY, and was able to wire up my fog lamps so they can turn on with the low beams and the high beams. That is great! Thanks for that worthwhile mod.


I also have my driving lamps installed, and they "work", but not the way I was hoping...

Like most driving lamp kits, they have their own dashboard-mounted, wired switch. They can currently be turned on or off via this switch, whether I have the low beams on, or the high beams on. It doesn't matter.

This isn't ideal.

Obviously, I'd really prefer that the driving lamps just come on automatically when I activate my high beams, (via the steering wheel-mounted stalk).

Said another way, I want to push the stalk forward to turn on the high beams, and at the same time, have the driving lamps automatically come on. Consequently, when I pull the stalk back to turn on the low beams, I want the driving lamps to turn off automatically. All of this should happen without having to touch the switch for the driving lamps at all.

Does that make sense?


Currently, (having done the foglight mod), I've made a bridge between the orange wire in the fuse panel, to the red/green wire in the fog light relay. This bridge is currently where I've also connected my driving lamp wire.

Can anyone please help me? I cannot fathom that I'm the very first person to hook up driving lamps so that they work with the high beams on a 2002 WRX... Somebody has to have this answer out there in cyberspace!

Help me Obi-Wan, you're my only hope...
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