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Originally Posted by ToyotaMike View Post
I was at the gas station the other day, filling up on some E85. I wanted to make sure that I was getting E85 so I had the quick fuel test tube out checking the ethanol content. The lady behind me had this look on her face like I was assembling a bomb . Then, the guy on the other side of the pump chimes in...

Guy: what are you doing?
Me: checking to make sure I am getting real e85
Guy: is that car like a diesel or something?
Me: no...not a runs on e85
Guy: (puzzled look) did it come like that from the factory ?
Me: no, I had it tuned for e85
Guy: why would you do that?
Me: because e85 has a higher octane rating and with the higher octane...(guy is totally lost)...basically it's almost like having race gas, I can make more power (remembering KISS theory)
Guy: do you always have to test it? That seems like way to much work
Me: you don't have to I guess but I am concerned with the grade of the fuel because I am getting re tuned and with the colder season coming I wanted to make sure I was getting e85 and not like e70
Guy: oh well, good luck with that
Me: Thanks

I am really not sure I how kept a straight face when he asked if it was diesel
What is the KISS theory?
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