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Default Car will not rev past 7000rpm's

'06 WRX
Built motor
Rotated Kit
Precision 6262
1400cc Inj
Twin Intank pumps

This problem has been going on for awhile. Before this setup, It was all the same but a FP Red turbo. Im not sure what it is. When my car was on a 20G, it would rev just fine. When I started putting the bigger turbo's on, thats when the problem started occuring.

There are no boost leaks, Plenty of fuel, New plugs (Ive tried stock heat range and 1 step colder), New fuel filter, Logged misfires and 0 show up when it happens, All the grounds hooked up, Etc.

I had a HKS DLI II on the car cause I thought it was a spark issue, but it didnt help up top around the 7000rpm's. The car wont even rev past 7000rpms while in neutral

I also raised the boost limit (fuel cut) and the rev limiter and it didnt do a thing.

Here is the map if anyone wants to take a look:

I did a log to show whats going on. I really cant see anything, but maybe someone see something else? Here is the log:

11/16/2012 - New Log - Neutral Rev. As you can see, just me being in netural wont even let the car rev more the 7000rpm's

Hopefully someone can point out something I might be overlooking.
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