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I guess somebody should tell the top fuel guys that they should not be running Superchargers.

Superchargers take a whole lot of power to turn, but they almost always give FAR more than they take. Designing the engine to take the stresses is just a matter of design choices. Superchargers also have the benefit of being positive displacement and have immediate throttle response, where as any turbo system is not as quick to respond. The BOSS needs to stay NA or if it must go FI it should be supercharged. Predictability and responsiveness are what make for a great track car. Turbos would not improve the BOSS no matter how more 'efficient' exhaust scavenging is.

Also I would like to put my plea for you to stop suggesting that directly connected turbos using exhaust gasses to power the crank directly would work on a street car. An 18 or 27 bank radial engine or a monster V12 used in WWII planes is not the same animal as a street car. These engines do not work in the same environment as car engines that are on and off the throttle all the time. WWII had many novel ideas that work well at 30,000 feet on turbo/supercharged engines. They are not applicable to car engines. So please that idea is not feasible.
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