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Wink A fire side chat with the youngsters.

A lot of talk is given to the generation gap going on within AKIC. Us old grizzled veterans are always bitchin' about you younguns and vice versa. I figure it is high time to bridge the divide a bit. A nambi bambi, touchy feely, fire side chat, for all the parking lot crotch gazers as well as the bald, big bellied blowhards.

I apparently bruised a few feelings in some of my recent postings. My intentions were to express my grave concern for an individual's choices in life by pointing out what (in my perception) should have been an embarrassing revelation, in the hopes that this person would realize, "Holy smoke, I'm a dumbass". Instead, certain folks took offense and went weeping into their pillows, nestled in their mothers' bosoms, sucking their thumbs, sulking around, muttering to themselves and being silently irate. What is really funny, is this person and I have another line of dialogue going on where we smooth things over with each other that none of you get to see.

My heart is good, my intentions pure. How my point comes across may seem hard or harsh but the spirit of what my words intend to do, is well meaning, I assure you. My outer demeanor and inner self are at odds many times. Those here, who truly know me, can attest to my generosity, warmth and gregarious nature.

My prior occupation, as a Paramedic, was pretty much cut and dried. Get to the point, no bull****. I needed to deliver the message and get the job done in the quickest fashion possible. That didn't always leave time for a lot of hand holding, gentleness, preparation, numbing or lubrication before I stuck it in!

Part of my new training, you have to deliver all sorts of compassionate care in a bit more relaxed and eloquent manner. I am working on this. Be patient with me…God hasn't finished his work with me just yet.

A good start to this hopefully more communicative dialogue will be a introduction in our differences in language.
I could find no better illustration of this than...

AND SO, with this opening salvo….perhaps we can find new common ground.

So, If I call you out or give you grief, try not to take offense. It is because I care, truly care.

If I didn't like you, I wouldn't take the time or effort.

The ball is in your court.
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