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Originally Posted by ryphlex View Post
Here is a video I show a lot of my friends. His methods may be over the top but they are good nonetheless... well, if you have time. I personally do his method and it's always a great feeling to have a black car looking spotless.

Until 5 seconds after where California dust coats the car again ):
....good video. I know someone who uses a similar foam gun/wool mitt method but even more involved than what you see here.

I find a lot of detailing processes can involve some level of compromise. The fact is that individual scenarios are not necessarily the same. The cool thing is that you don't need to follow an example (like the video) to the letter to benefit from what the author is trying to teach. My own regimen is made up of several other processes I have learned from others over the years along with my own personal tweaking.

Back to the video.... One point I don't agree with is his recommendation (for those without compressed air) to go for a short drive to dislodge water from crevices before using a "clean, dry towel" to mop up the excess water. Dust from the road can and will settle on the surface of the vehicle and mix with any water that leaks out during your drive. I would have added the suggestion to use a waterless or rinseless product (or at least a QD) on those areas that you wipe down when using this method (just as he mentioned for his drying step). This will help add lubricity and mitigate the risk of marring from any debris. ....he may have meant this to be implied but I thought it should be clarified.
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