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Hi everyone, did some searching but I couldn't find any with the same noise but maybe my description is slightly different from others. A little background even though it might be irrelevant but I did all these within the last 2 weeks.

I have a 2002 WRX with about 108000 miles. I bought the car with about 89000 miles on it. I got my 105 timing belt service done at 105. I think the clutch started slipping at around 100 at higher rpms in like 3rd or 4th gear but lately it hasn't slipped much. I don't drive the car hard at all and I pretty much only have an axle back. It's just a daily and I don't track.

2 weeks ago I got some rims and coil overs. Last week I added a used front 2004 STI Brembo brake kit with used rotors and used brake pads.

This is when all the weirdness started to happen. Mechanic told me that the rotors and brake pads were pretty worn so there's no point of resurfacing them. He said they'll make a little bit of noise but it shouldn't harm the car since I told him I'll be replacing the rotors and brake pads this upcoming week. He said to drive it and it'll be fine.

After I left his shop a week later(which is about 2 days ago) I was reversing out of a parking lot when I heard a weird whrrrrr whrrrrrr noise. It then went away so I ignored it. Next day it happened again, so I thought it was the brakes since it made similar noises. This only happened in reverse at first when I slowly released the clutch and not even applying gas. However, it's starting to get more weird because it started to make that whrrr whrrr noise when I put it into reverse and release the clutch slowly but the car wasnt even moving yet. So I really don't think it's the brake any more plus the noise seems to be coming from the middle front of the car now since it's louder.

Now the car started to make the same exact noise when I shift into first but it goes away once the car is moving. It happens majority of the time now. There was one time today when I was driving and I tried to shift to 3rd gear but I couldn't put it into gear. Pumped the clutch a couple of times and it worked. Scared the crap out of me since I was in the middle of driving. 30 minutes ago when I pulled into the drive way the check oil light turned on for like 1 second and went away.

I'm planning to take it to a Subaru Specialty shop on Monday but do you guys have any ideas on what it is? Is it a simple transmission oil replacement or do you think I need to replace the entire transmission? Is this a clutch issue? Any thoughts or tips would be greatly appreciated before I take this car in. Also do you guys know the cost associated with this (worse case scenario)? Debating if I should just sell the car if it's going to cost me like 4000 to fix when I bought this car for 6000. Thanks for reading my ramble.
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