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As stated in the previous post, both my passenger and driver side signals blink like crazy and neither of the bulbs are out. I've already taken my car into the dealership to get this fixed and they ended up replacing the whole headlight assembly on my passenger side. It worked for as long as it took to get on the highway from the dealership, which was about 2 minutes. Instead of going to the dealership again, I followed a separate set of directions from another NASIOC member that is pretty straightforward and included a picture guide for it.

Apparently, if you have messed up, twisted wiring like I did, it's a lot easier to go through the fender liner than removing the airbox or doing anything crazy on the driver's side like removing the battery. I started with the passenger side and tried removing the airbox first and well, that's a pain in the butt because of numerous things like loosening a bunch of things, prying tubing off clips and removing that bottom bolt that you need an extension for.

First, open your hood and turn your wheel towards the inside of the side of the car you're working on. If you're working on the driver's side, turn the wheel towards the passenger side. Open the hood for visibility when you're getting into the wheel wells.

Second, remove the three retaining clips in the front portion of the fender liner and remove the larger retaining clip at the bottom of the car.

You will need a Philips and two flathead screwdrivers for this. Once they're loosened, just pop them off.

Once popped off, you can pull the fender liner away from the fender.

After you pull enough of the liner away from the fender, you can look inside and find the signal bulb socket. If yours was like mine, it would be all mashed up somewhere (especially on my passenger side), doing 360 degree loops and twisted a bunch.

Third, twist and unplug the bulb socket, make sure the bulb is properly seated in the socket, straighten the wires to the best of your ability, tug a bit to give it some slack and then put the bulb back into the socket.

Fourth, test the turn signal you just fixed. If it's still freaking out, then you might have an issue that is not described here (dead bulb, maybe?). If this fixes it, then success! Go get yourself a beer!

At last, reassemble the fender liner and push the clips in.

Repeat these instructions for the other side, if your passenger side signal is freaking out.

Good luck!

I drove my car around for a good 20 miles or so after doing this and so far so good.
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