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Originally Posted by MRF582 View Post
OK, if the car never left the garage then I apologize for assuming as such. However, you did flash a map on the car and were the first one to start it. The responsibility of cam break in rests on the one who firsts starts the car. That was you.
Shouldn't the shop be responsible for cam breakin, engine breakin, and oil change etc? I was asked to come flash the car so that it could be broken in and driven by the shop, that is exactly what i did. You weren't there, did you read that in the library too?

On top of that, Adam's car has been running great with no issues...

It is always easiest to blame the tuner!

Originally Posted by MRF582 View Post
I started a flame war? I'm just trying to make people aware of the smoke and mirrors show that's going on here. But I guess what they say is true. Where there's smoke, there's a fire (flame).

There are two issues I have.
1. Saying the bent wrist pins and rod end bushing damage are due to too much power.
2. This recent discussion about the burned bucket.
Smoke and mirrors? We had a bucket failure in Dave's engine and tore down the motor to make sure nothing else was hurt and are replacing anything in question.

Back on topic...

I talked to Dave at Headgames today and he said that the few bucket failures he had were caused by one of two things.

1. The cam was faulty (both of which he had were Kelfords I believe)

2. The surface finish on the used OEM buckets was not acceptable. As soon as the bucket is scuffed it won't last long.

I'm not sure if Dave's bucket failed for one or both of these reason. Either way, we know what to look for in the future and keep and eye on it!

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