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Originally Posted by delongedoug View Post
Tell me about it. Power steering is such a ridiculous gimmick to make driving easier to people with more money than skills. ABS will never catch on! I modulate threshold braking at 10/10ths constantly because driving on the limit is where you'll find me. Flat out!
I thought about this a few times before, and it's not a fair sarcastic swipe. Power steering, ABS, traction control etc - they all enhance normal driving actions. Going flappy-paddle eliminates the shifting action from driving (no, the paddle flap doesn't count if you're actually doing it.) This swipe would be fair to make at someone crying about the synchro rev-match feature in the 370Z haha.

This is just gas for the fire but:

Aside from manuals just being more fun for some, I think they're a legitimate distracted-driver prevention system for most (you gotta figure there are some people that just can't handle it.) It adds a little more work to the commute to keep me focused on driving - work that forces you to pay attention to the road. This really hit me after driving an AT loaner for a few weeks. In short, it was easier to become distracted while driving AT. The car was really boring and I didn't look forward to driving it even though it was "better" in every way compared to my DD.

Manuals are definitely on the way out, but I think it will be a very long time before they disappear all together (if ever) because there's just more to it than convenience and shift times. That said, mechanical steering and no ABS can be really hair raising stuff when you get going fast but I'd still probably kill myself faster on the track with a dual-clutch
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