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Originally Posted by White Owl View Post
When you park alone and then come out and find someone parked beside you. And you will walk to the passenger side of the car first and squat to check for dings.

When your check your oil Friday night and it's at the perfect level. Autocross on Saturday aka drive the hell out of it. Check your oil Monday morning before your commute and you are in desperate need of oil. Like oil level is at the twist of the dipstick!... Should I be concerned?! I was in boost the majority of the day. Double runs and all freeway driving there and back.
every time, without exception.

also when you come out to your car and there's some riced out pos parked next to you like it belongs there. my favorite recent example is a black pt cruiser with chrome lined...everything... and a hood scoop, fart can, spoiler, and crappy chrome wheels. wasn't even the turbo model. of course my first thought is "oh, great..."

ah well. I'd rather have some riced out pos that someone loves and cares for than some old woman who doesn't give a single **** about her car, let alone anyone else's.
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