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Originally Posted by DeeezNuuuts83 View Post
It blows my mind that after five years, the discussion always ends up revolving around the fact that there is not a manual transmission, year in and year out. Seriously, were people realistically expecting one to magically appear for the 2014 model?

Anyway, I watched some of the videos about it, and Mizuno pointed out that the GT-R used in their 'Ring test was the same as the standard production cars without any special packages. I think it was a slight jab at cars like the Z06 and ZR1, as I think that the cars used by GM on the 'Ring were the ones with those race tires and other stuff that are optional and likely not on many of them actually sold.

But what none (or at least very few) of the reports are indicating is that the actual lap time was 7:19.1 because the test driver had to let off of the accelerator to pass an unexpected car also on the 'Ring at the same time, and Mizuno's estimate was that it added around 0.5 seconds, so they claim 7:18.6.
Other way around. The controversary was that the GTR was on ringer tires, and even professional race car drivers couldn't get close with an actual showroom model. Then again I believe the ZR1 record time had a caged corvette inthe name of safety, which was also controversal. This was back in the Nissan-Porsche-Corvette-Viper race to the bottom. Eventually the Viper ACR won out, but that thing is a race car.

Regardless the whole 'Ring argument is a moot point anyways. If you've got the time/money to make such small incremental improvements, of course you'll shave tens of seconds from the lap time. It's so long that you can just compound the **** out of improvemnets. There was an article back in the heyday of this 4-way battle as to why this was all worthless. Eventually you'd tune it out after trying so many set-ups and you'd finally arrive at the best possible tune for the car, even getting down to the best conditions. That's what the GTR did, as confirmed by the driver saying they couldn't have asked for better conditions given the set-up they were running.

There's a reason only official 'Ring times are in sanctioned races...
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