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Originally Posted by gggplaya View Post
The Taurus version of the 3.5l ecoboost has a different size turbo charger, completely different head, cams, different exhaust manifold and tuning. It generates full torque at 3500rpm. So your comparison is not apples/apples saying it's the same engine in the F150. So yes, the F150 ecoboost is a truck engine because the engineers designed it to produce torque as low as possible. Only the main block is the same as the taurus.

17000rpm is a typo, it's pretty obvious to anyone with car knowledge that i meant a low 1700rpm.

As far as towing goes with the F150 ecoboost vs the 6.2l or 5.0, towing MPG is a wash for most F150 buyers. For someone that tows an RV once a month, it doesn't make a difference. You get crappy fuel mileage with all 3 engines, so the difference between 10mpg vs 12mpg is moot if you only do it a few times a year. Even diesels gets crappy fuel mileage towing 10000lbs. The consumer reports didn't test any towing either, which they should have. Because each customer is different, mileage during towing would make a difference to the ones that tow heavy loads everyday. But most people that tow heavy loads daily for their business, or full time rv people, almost always get a diesel.

FYI i normally tow with a diesel, but i have friends with rv's that tow with an ecoboost and a hemi 5.7l(also a car engine put into a truck). The ecoboost is absolutely phenomenal as a tow vehicle, tows like a diesel and doesn't feel like much is behind you. it has plenty of torque at all engine speeds. The hemi likes to rev, it's annoying to me, but it gets the job done. There is some lag while waiting for the revs to climb, and plenty of down shifting. The hemi was also constantly falling behind at altitude in Yosemite even with a much lighter RV than the on the ecoboost.

Obviously i never said the 5.0 or 6.2l can't tow. They can, and are obviously rated to do so. But the turbo ecoboost does a better job in my experience and opinion. Towing mpg is a consideration to factor in when buying a vehicle, but also towability is another factor to consider. Plus when not towing, you get the mpg of the 5.0L the other 98% of the time you drive the vehicle.
I was trying to point out that I think it is completely unfair to call the ecoboost a "truck engine" because certain peripheral items are changed from the original car application--but then call the 5.0, the Hemi, etc "car" engines.

Based on your own logic, the 5.0 and Hemi are truck engines too since they do not run the same camshaft(s) etc, and are tuned for truck duty... .
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