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Originally Posted by Steve.804 View Post
Looks great Juan! Can I ask why you havnt rotated yet? Is the boost taper on purpose or the small exhaust housing?
I haven't go rotated because I been trying to keep my setup simple stupid and I don't like to change a ton of stuff at the same time. The boost taper is not on purpose is just the normal taper for a IWG turbo; I wish I was able to hold boost all the way to redline.

Originally Posted by Slimsti View Post
God Juan, you just have power for days. Your spool makes me jealous. Thats just incredible. 27psi that early must feel amazing on the street.
thanks it feels really good

Originally Posted by xluben View Post
Yeah, this spool looks incredible for a turbo of this size. Looking at it a little more, the Virtual Dyno plot looks nearly identical to my recent ones, and your turbo flows 20lb/min more! That is amazing response for such a big turbo! What do you think it would make all out? How much would you increase the boost?

Here's my plot. The shape, the peaks, the spool, etc all look pretty much the same as yours!

It's a ton of fun on the street, but with your car being a good 400-500lbs lighter than mine I'm sure it's even more fun!
Thanks. I think my setup is so responsive because I am running a TMIC and the Perrin uppipe and headers have small ID diameter tubing and they are also ceramic coated.

I have seen FP reds make 560whp VD dynojet, I can increase timing a lot 5-6* and is running relatively rich. It hits 10.9 AFR in the midrage and 11.5 AFR at redline... I haven't had a chance to clean up the tune . As far as boost I have 625+ custom age head studs so I think I can run 30psi easy. Also If I go EWG it should give me good gains; I think this turbo can hit close to 600whp dynojet all out, 560whp realistically

Originally Posted by Crystal_Imprezav View Post
Be careful with those rods Juan. Remember what I told you when I was building it

If I were you, I would drop the timing at peak torque down to 8-10* to help with not snapping one of them.
yeap I am trying to keep torque down, I think timing at peak torque is set at 13-14* right now. I got another set of pistons and a case, I just need a good set of rods and it may go your way so you can built me another amazing short block .
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