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Originally Posted by ShadowIMg View Post

Where did anyone say anything of the sort?
Well, that pretty much summarizes what this guy said....

If you think you need a fast car to gain respect......

..... then you're not worthy of it.

The OP is paying his own way on this car. It's not like so many of the kidiots here who have Mommy and Daddy buy them a WRX and then spend all their money on mods. He gains more respect from me in his stock NA Impreza than some guy with 400 WHP who's driving a car paid for by his parents.
"slow" is a pretty stupid term to use in this sense. My NA Impreza is often faster than cars with significantly more power through tight courses.
More than likely, that's the driver, not the car.

It's not a matter of eliteness, or real enthusiasts, it's a matter of using what you've got. I race and modify a $3500 car because I prefer it. I can afford to buy a fully prepped WRC car if I chose to. How does that line up with your logic?
I've got no problem with your logic. I do have problems with the kidiots that claim "only real enthusiasts drive cheap, slow cars". That's just an excuse they make because #1, they're jealous, or #2, they can't afford anything better. As if people who own nice, "fast" cars aren't true enthusiasts because they aren't a brokedick. Right.

There's a lot of configurations you can't simply buy -- and a lot of us enjoy working on cars and doing it ourselves anyhow. Saying that you do it because you can't afford to have someone else do it is one of the douchiest things I've ever heard, and we just went through a presidential election.
I was using "built" in terms of modifications and such, not doing the actual work yourself. For example, I didn't buy a WRX, I built/modified my 2.5i. FWIW, I do all of my own work on my car, so this fallacial nonsense that only the enthusiasts with slow, cheap cars do their own work is bunk, as well.

Fast cars are fast cars. I respect cars in general, I don't really care about your socioeconomic situation, if your parents paid for it, etc. Once you graduate high school and get out in the real world, you tend not to think about that kind of stuff. Someone always has something more expensive and faster.
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