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Originally Posted by FaastLegacy View Post
Well, that pretty much summarizes what this guy said....
Fair enough, I don't read it that way -- but then again I tend to ignore anything referring to "respect" and cars.

Originally Posted by FaastLegacy View Post
More than likely, that's the driver, not the car.
More the torque curve and low-end of the NA, helps quite a lot in RallyX. The extra power tends to just be spun off as it's incredibly hard to put down even as much as the 2.5 NA is making.

Originally Posted by FaastLegacy View Post
I've got no problem with your logic. I do have problems with the kidiots that claim "only real enthusiasts drive cheap, slow cars". That's just an excuse they make because #1, they're jealous, or #2, they can't afford anything better. As if people who own nice, "fast" cars aren't true enthusiasts because they aren't a brokedick. Right.
I would say only real enthusiasts put up with cheap cars when they CAN afford other things. I don't include myself in that -- my RS has been exceptionally reliable. Everyone else is just doing the normal thing for their means.

Originally Posted by FaastLegacy View Post
I was using "built" in terms of modifications and such, not doing the actual work yourself. For example, I didn't buy a WRX, I built/modified my 2.5i. FWIW, I do all of my own work on my car, so this fallacial nonsense that only the enthusiasts with slow, cheap cars do their own work is bunk, as well.

Fast cars are fast cars. I respect cars in general, I don't really care about your socioeconomic situation, if your parents paid for it, etc. Once you graduate high school and get out in the real world, you tend not to think about that kind of stuff. Someone always has something more expensive and faster.
'Fast' to me isn't about power, which is where the argument between NA and Turbo lies in Subarus. Very few people know how to use the power they have in stock form, let alone whatever modifications they've done. For the most part, a fast car is any car with a fast driver behind the wheel. When you go to a track day, AutoX, or RallyX and get lapped/smashed in time by that little FWD civic with a stock 1.8L it's pretty eye opening to what 'fast' really means. Power is barely in the equation at all.
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