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kayetealynn- I voted for Gary Johnson he's a Libertarian but was a Republican when he was governor of NM for 8 years.
I personally think legalizing marijuana will be great for the economy but just like medicl marijuana the federal government can still step in and shut those places down.

Why do I think mittens is a scumbag?

-Well let's see I have a uterus. He wanted to take funding out of planned parenthood, something I STRONGLY disagree with. See here's the problem everyone thinks that planned parenthood is free (i.e. free abortions & free birth control) but it's not, everything is based on a sliding income scale. Everyone wants to bitch about people on welfare well you're going to have more of them if you don't make birth control & abortions easily accesible. Let's not forget that he can't seem to make up his mind about abortion either, he's pro-choice when it benefits him money wise but when it comes to winning the republican vote he is pro-life

-Gay Marriage. I have too many gay friends & family to even want to support his views on this. I see no reason to tell someone who they can or cannot marry. His views are so old fashioned. "I believe marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman". Oh yes so sacred then while you're at it make it illegal to get a divorce.

Those are two of the BIG issues for me.

As far as Obama goes, he is my "boss" so I can't really speak ill of him but I think in theory health insurance for everyone is great but I just don't see it working nor do I think americans to include myself really know enough about it.
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