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Originally Posted by BrDb View Post
If you can fit the stereo behind the iPad, that may be a good place to put it, but it may be more advantageous to put the stereo in the glove box in case you ever need to access the buttons on it for some reason. Making a magnetic holder shouldn't be too hard assuming you know how to work with fiberglass. If you don't, just watch some videos online and familiarize yourself with it, it's a pretty simple process. I'm sure this thread will help you out
Originally Posted by Vandelay View Post
You can always mount the single DIN receiver in the centre console as well, it's there if when you need it, but out of the way for everyday use. You can get bluetooth add ons from some aftermarket receiver manufacturers (Pioneer, Alpine, etc) that don't use the same port as the iPod audio.

The reason I'd like the radio directly behind the iPad is because I use the glove box and center console. All the controls I really need are on the steering wheel, but if I do need to access it it's really easy to pop off the iPad mini.

And I saw that build, neat idea but doesn't seem to clean in my opinion.

Originally Posted by BrDb View Post
One other thing to keep in mind is how many amps the headunit outputs because lets say your iPad draws 1 amp/hour, but the headunit only charges at 0.5 amp/hour, then your iPad is going to die (however, if you don't really go on long trips and you plan on making the iPad removable, you probably don't need to worry about this)
I think the iPad mini will charge off the radio usb.

Originally Posted by JoeysWrx View Post
Subscribed I would love to do this and see how this turns out! the benefit of it being a ipad as long as they dont change the shape drastically it would be "easily" upgradable! And what about using one of those wireless cases with a charger in it?
Yeah, I hope they don't change the shape for the next generation...
Not sure I've ever seen those cases you're talking about.
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