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Originally Posted by Nomadgene
How about taking some personal responsibility for your uterus and either abstaining from sex or if you choose otherwise, using the birth control of your choice? You are an adult aren't you?

How DARE you presume that because someone is pro-choice means that they must be out having unprotected sex and having abortions. Furthermore how dare you presume that you have the right to tell people how to conduct their own personal sex lives. You don't see anyone here telling you how to live your life. You don't like the government butting into what you consider your personal business so stay the hell out of other people's personal business and lives.

Those are HER beliefs, not yours! You absolutely do NOT have the right to make decisions like that for women out there and people like you should absolutely not support the government to force something that is so intimate and personal a decision onto other people who think differently about abortion.

You don't like abortions? Easy.. Don't get one. You don't like Gay marriage? Easy.. Don't get married to someone of the same sex! Just like I don't really like guns... So I don't own one! I don't really like alcohol.. So I don't drink often! I don't really like drugs.. So I don't shoot up! But I'm not out trying to pass laws from preventing people from owning guns, drinking alcohol, or using drugs if they so choose to.

Furthermore.. About the short bus comment... There is nothing wrong with being mentally or physically disabled either! But your comments imply that you don't feel the same about people. You are putting yourself on this pedestal and that you are some how a superior being and that anyone that isn't molded the same way you is somehow inferior, hence the reason you made a quip about me riding the short bus. That's the difference between me and you. You think that because I think differently there must be something wrong with me when all reality there really isn't. I think that because you think differently that you must just be different and I AM OKAY WITH THAT until it starts to infringe on what I consider to be personal rights.

I think I should be the one praying for you!
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