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Originally Posted by kyletakahero View Post
I think, first, we should all stay off the topic of politics, religion, and other various beliefs. There are too many opinions of what is right and wrong. And can totally ruin your image in someone else's eyes.
Someone having a moral compass and belief systems that were in place all along yet them having the courage to stand up and vocalize their convictions ruins their image?

If you were referring to me, I'm just fine with whatever false image you had of me being erased. You can be damn well certain I won't back down or be swayed by popular opinion. AS for my house, we will serve the Lord.

I have many rough edges. AS I've said in several other threads, God's work in me is not yet finished.

It is only by working through my faults, and overcoming my wrongdoings that I work my way to the light of the truth. I would rather fight tooth and nail through a life of obstacles to spend one second in the light of truth than linger in the darkness. There are times experiencing the polar extremes of an issue gives one a better perspective of right and wrong. I've walked a long, difficult and unique path. My truth is my own. One thing I've learned along the way is that you can only come to it when you are ready.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Conversely, when the teacher is ready, the student appears.

Originally Posted by kyletakahero View Post
This should be about one thing. Cars.
Personally, I disagree. Civil discussions can be had on widely varying topics. The differences and spaces between us leave room, for you and I to grow.

We all come from different homes, value systems, beliefs, life experiences, careers, etc. There is value in that. Sharing those perspectives, however uncomfortable it may be at times, doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Originally Posted by kyletakahero View Post
We as a younger generation have grown up with the bug eye WRX ... "old dogs" ... us new kids on the block...while you old folk are stubborn, short minded people who think GD is king.
Kyle, you are the one who seems to have the issue. I build my own car (with lots of help I might add), customize it to my liking and compete with it. Even 11 years after purchase, my car is still a work in progress. I'm at 132K, stock internals, stock turbo, stock tranny. I don't "think" the GD is king…I let the performance, reliability and placings speak for themselves. You think another platform is better…come prove it. Are there features of the new technology I feel are better, sure. I would love to have variable valve timing, I would love to have direct injection, but I have a debt free car that can set FTD when I am up to the task. I do find it interesting that Subaru seems to be moving back to a 2.0 liter platform.

Originally Posted by kyletakahero View Post
When we ask a question regarding the new platform, you all just shrug and say search. But when you guys have a question about the GD, we are quick to throw an answer out, because we DO know the old platform as well as the new.
So instead of getting all flabbergasted over stance, fancy wheel colors, and mod choices.
Why should people who own an earlier generation car bother themselves to learn a new platform if they don't own it? We had to learn our own models…why involve ourselves with your car's issues?

Originally Posted by kyletakahero View Post
Take a look in the mirror and look back at what choices you were making when you were our age. IE: hammer pants ;D
Never happened. Even in that era, I had the good sense to recognize bad taste.
I will admit, I wore a pink shirt, ONCE.
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