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Originally Posted by ninjaspork19 View Post
Hello there,

I have a 2012 WRX sedan and I'm a little confused while trying to purchase new rims/tires for the summer. I've read through the sticky threads here for hours and its just confusing with so many opinions.

I'm a daily driver on my WRX and live in Michigan. I just ordered a set of winter tires to fit my stock rims and plan to get 18" rims and new summer tires to have 2 sets, one for summer and one for winter.

My question is, is searching wheels on tirerack that "fit my vehicle" the best way to go for a daily driver not looking to increase performance or roll fenders or fill the wheel gap or lower the car or blah blah? I'm not sure what the specs are on the stock rims other than they're 17". It looks like the largest I see that "fit my vehicle" are 18x8 on tirerack, but so many people on this forum say to go to 18x9 or 18x9.5, I'm not sure what stock width size is. Offset and backspacing I'm not quite sure on either. It just seems to me that what tirerack says "fits my vehicle" are much smaller than what everyone here says to do.

What I'm seeing most of on tirerack is something like:

Size: 18x8
Offset: 45mm
Backspacing: 6.25"
Bolt Pattern: 5-100
Rec. Tire Size: 235/40-18

Any help is really, really appreciated. I've never gotten aftermarket rims for any car and I want to make sure I do it right for the daily driver in me. I also assume I need another TPMS setup for the new set of tires so that one system is on each tire setup? Sorry this is all just way overwhelming and confusing after hours of reading posts. So many opinions and setups.. I just want something close to stock or maybe fill up the wheel well a little bit but don't want to mod anything else. Just new 18" rims! so complicated.
The stock 2012 WRX wheels are:
17 x 8", 5x100 bolt pattern, 56.1mm hub bore, +53mm offset, about 22 lbs each.

The stock 2012 WRX tire size is:

The other questions you post will have more subjective answers. But if all you want is an additional set of wheels for summer then get the same size as stock .. as long as they are lighter (or the same weight at least). You can go +1 is wheel size to 18" wheels - but again keep the weight at 22 lbs or less. Otherwise you will have a "performance decrease". NOTE: The 18" tires will be more expensive than the same tire in a 17" size.

Other people on the forum go +1 (or 2) and go wider because of looks, performance attributes, etc..

What I cannot figure out from your post is WHY you want to get 18" wheels? I know your decision is not performance based, so is it about asthetics from the shorter sidewall 18" tires?
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