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Originally Posted by Mr Wrex View Post
Hinshaw, you're wrong. I mentioned the pump in case he decided to go with something other than a vf series turbo and maybe a boost controller because I personally hate the stock one. Heat wrap is always beneficial, but I guess you don't think that so go enjoy your heat soak. OP also mentioned a few posts later getting an UP for an EWG, so once again your comment merits no valid info. Also, where'd you pull that info out from on meth? I'd like to see proof how a 50/50 setup can ruin the motor WITH a proper tune of course.
You do realize I correct you about once a day right?

The fuel pump is fine for quite a few turbo sizes. I'm running an 18G on stock fuel pump with no issues at all. What is your experience on an 07 with the pump?

You hate the stock one? Great. Does it do the job? Absolutely. A 3 port would be slightly beneficial for everyday use, and if he eventually gets an EWG. For his original question asked, it would mean nothing. From this thread, it's clear the OP doesn't know what he really wants.

I never said heat wrap wasn't beneficial. My entire exhaust system to the catback is completely wrapped. My intercooler even has reflective heat tape on it. Don't try to tell me about these cars, I've rebuilt enough, tinkered, and read enough before you joined to understand everything. In many threads you spout off a good bit of info that is wrong, while you will admit you are still learning, you still have a lot to go. But if you want to keep comparing e-peens pm me.
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