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Originally Posted by granny View Post
Mike, there is no use talking to them. Most people on this site will not agree with you on politics because they like getting free stuff handed to them on a platter. Who doesn't? Here is what I have to say about all this hubbub.

I am young. But I am also grateful that I grew up in a good home where my parents talked to me about life. I am proud of my old granny Subaru because it is something I worked for and is 100% paid off. I may not have much but I am debt free which means I have more wealth than most people in this country.
You are wise well beyond your years. Had I to do it over again, I'd probably still be driving my old BE with a Turbo kit on it. My goal at the moment is to be free and clear of all debt, sans house... in a couple years. It's taken me this long to figure that out, and a coupe more paying **** down. You are well ahead of the game. Although I would like to add one feeling I have regarding your fact list ... which is within context to jersy's qoute..

Originally Posted by jerseyjessi View Post
There is a difference between talking about it and forcefully shoving religion down someones throat.
I completely agree... but this is NOT just for religion... this should be for ALL facets of discussion. Unfortunately, some people forget this is a two way street. Just as one should not force their religion on someone else, another group should not then force THEIR views and values on everyone else. People complain about religion and it being forced down their throats, yet for some reason we are then to accept special groups forcing THEIR views into society? Would seem to ME to be a "pot vs kettle" thing. An example could be the gay community, Wanting "tolerance" of their community, yet then being intolerant of anyone that doesn't feel the same way.

Originally Posted by kyletakahero View Post
I think, first, we should all stay off the topic of politics, religion, and other various beliefs. There are too many opinions of what is right and wrong. And can totally ruin your image in someone else's eyes.
This should be about one thing. Cars.
Originally Posted by kyletakahero View Post
Those types of discussion I feel should always be in person so that one can accurately say what they mean as well as give people a chance to discuss their viewpoints without being misconveyed. Just like my statement was by you
I think we all could be civil, and I think truthfully as a nation we NEED to discuss this. we ARE split 50/50 right now. However it is in no way a clean split down "party lines". I think for the US as a country to move forward is to discuss these items and find a common ground. If nothing else, LISTEN to teh other side and UNDERSTAND where they are coming from. I believe this to be one of the biggest issues with Congress, and why many debates become explosive. For a real discussion or debate to happen, BOTH sides would need to be open and willing to listen to the other side. I read an article the other day, saying in essence, "now it's time for the republicans to come to our way of thinking." Umm no .. Now is the time for BOTH SIDES to work TOGETHER.

Going into any discussion where one party has already made up its mind they are going to convert the other to their way of thinking ... is a lost cause.
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