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Originally Posted by granny View Post
1. Fact - Taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor does not work.
Why? They will spend it on what the want and not what they need. Who here has there car completely paid off? Not many. Who here receives financial aid from the government one way or another? More than you think. Why not grow up and spend the money you are given and worked for and pay off what you owe and not buy parts for what put you in debt in the first place.

2. Fact - Abortion is killing.
Why? Is it living? If it isn't than why are you so worried about it? Two easy ways to not worry about it. One, wait to have sex for when you are married. Two, use birth control. If you don't want the kid, kill the one you already have and save the pain of surgery. If you don't already have a kid to kill, tough luck.

3. Fact - People do not have enough self control to use drugs.
Why? Because we are human. Humans make stupid mistakes. If you think humans have self control look at the streets. Do you think all those homeless are out there because they still can't find a job? I've volunteered at the Downtown Soup Kitchen for ten years and the answer is no. If you have self control than good for you but a lot of people don't. Legalizing drugs is dangerous. If they want to kill themselves using drugs so be it, but them being high puts a lot more people at risk than themselves and that is wrong.

4. Fact - Gay marriage is wrong.
Why? God made the earth perfect. He created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. If you don't believe in God than fine but do you think nature intended it to be man and man or woman and woman? If it did two guys or two women could make a baby. A woman has never been born trapped in a guys body, his parents just dropped him on his head when he was little.

I am young.
As a scientist/engineer it bothers me that you should call your opinions "facts". Although i agree you seem to be wise for your age, dont let it get to your head. What you personally believe to be true is not scientifically proven fact, more just a personal basis for your fundamentals of thinking. Yes, i realize im being a total grammer-type-nazzi, on this one, and thats out of character for me, but i just coudlnt help myself.

I could, and would, gladly argue you on all those points for intelligent debate's sake, but thats neither here nor there. while you are young you still have a lot to learn about how the world works. i thought i had it all figured out too...
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