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Originally Posted by 07VTRex

As a scientist/engineer it bothers me that you should call your opinions "facts". Although i agree you seem to be wise for your age, dont let it get to your head. What you personally believe to be true is not scientifically proven fact, more just a personal basis for your fundamentals of thinking. Yes, i realize im being a total grammer-type-nazzi, on this one, and thats out of character for me, but i just coudlnt help myself.

I could, and would, gladly argue you on all those points for intelligent debate's sake, but thats neither here nor there. while you are young you still have a lot to learn about how the world works. i thought i had it all figured out too...
Funny, I was going to post about this last night in response to Davin's statement about me contradicting myself. He bolded science and "forgive them father, they know not what they do" .

50 years ago as science progressed beyond a rudimentary stage, many scientists when asked if they believed in God would say "Of course not, I am a scientist! "

Often times now days, in an age of particle accelerators, electron microscopes and advanced chemistry, genetics or astronomy, if you ask a scientist if they believe in a supreme being they will say " Of course I do, I'm a scientist. "

My life experiences, specifically in the medical field have left me certain without a doubt of God's divinity and the reality of an afterlife. An underlying connectivity to all.

Many people get hung up on the whole old white guy on a cloud, angels, harps, milk and honey, etc. Religion is each cultures' way of seeking the divine. Therein lies the problem. A religious life is not necessarily a spiritual life. Religion attempts to confine God to a identifiable concept and that is impossible.

God cannot be defined because be is infinite. He is beyond nature. He is the intelligence that gives matter it's innate and fundamental order and purpose.

Change your perspective, look at the natural order and intelligence around you in all of its different material and immaterial manifestations. That is merely one facet of God.
Darwin's theory and creationism do not necessarily have to be opposed.

All I have time for at the moment.
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