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Originally Posted by kayetealynn
Mike...How dare you
Since the vote thread was locked down and the above individual's last post was left to stand to me specifically, I feel compelled to respond to the retort this person left.

This forum is an imperfect medium for communication. It rarely ceases to amaze me just how far the jump to erroneous conclusions can be about what a person actually says or was inferred by their words to what was interpreted.

My short bus statement was specific to a person who would make a statement that "there is nothing wrong with 'weed and gay marriage everywhere'."

My, how about be responsible for you own uterus comment ( or penis, for that matter)
was not to control a person's choices but to BE responsible for it and not expect someone else to pick up the tab for your poor choices.

Whether a woman or couple chooses an abortion after the education, knowledge of consequences of unprotected sex and the plethora of inexpensive birth control methods readily available IS none of my business.

What would make it my business is public money from taxes going to pay for abortions because of poor personal choices. BE responsible for it yourself. That is all I was saying.

Same goes with the public assistance to care,
house, clothe, feed and educate those offspring to adulthood because the parents can't afford to.

I am pro-life. That doesn't mean I am out there bombing abortion clinics or picketing. I unfortunately know all too well that there are instances where needless suffering and death can be averted by abortions.

I've been the one risking my life on neonate medevac transports innumerable times fighting through ****ty weather to try to land and take care of a 24 week gestation preemie (full term is 40 weeks) who will need $$$ care the rest if its life. All because the unwed mom & unemployed boyfrend/father chose not to attend the free prenatal care or to used a multitude of drugs (alcohol, tobacco and othrr illicit drugs) during the pregnancy. I've seen the bills that mount in these situations. I know who pays for it. We all do!

I'm finished. I will be much more clear in my posts henceforth. Try not to project your issues onto what I am saying. If it is unclear to you, ask for clarification. Don't infer or conjour.

What Kate answered to was never there.
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