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Originally Posted by Vlad View Post
I think you have a healthy attitude towards internet information, let's confirm something before believing it.
You know already that I susbscribe to this idea, so I do have evidence that these exist, that's why I'm bringing them up.

So I will get the info out little-by-little, now at work cannot handle photos.
As far as the ROM, I was refering to the settings.
I have somewhere a photo of an engine compartment of these, with the no A/C setup. It's a normal engine bay, not a rally engine bay.

I have knowledge that the engine code reflects the lack of A/C in the code's last character.

Like I posted in the EJ207 info thread, the factory produced a dedicated part for these no A/C engines, it's a metal belt cover.

The no A/C engine does away with the top plastic belt cover and replaces it with a metal one, half-size obviously.

I was able to locate this part in the parts software, and correlate it to the spec C engine. It's from a Spec C, coded by the factory as RASC. This is not a rally car, but a Spec C type Ra.

Since these are 3 independent sources, I can say that this is not a legend.

I think that neither the with A/C EJ207 nor the without A/C are options.
I looked at the USDM parts and there was a 2000 TS, I think, where some had A/C and some did not. Neither was listed as an option, the A/C goes in the description collumn and the part number of the engine changes.

There were additional differences in the no A/C cars that I will not get into at this stage, I'll stick to just the engines.


Are these the chassis that are intended for motorsports conversion? They are not rally cars from the factory but they are the cars that are sold for rally car builds or other motorsports. A normal person could in theory buy one if they wanted to but I would suspect if prodrive for example ordered spec-C cars for conversion these are the ones they would get. less extras that would end up getting ripped off anyway during the build.

There is also supposedly a version that has no ABS and a viscous center diff (AA and CA tranny codes) perhaps they are along the same idea of the factory stripped down no frills chassis.
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