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Originally Posted by jkopinga
I have done several AFR tests on a LOAD based Dynapack and my conclusion was when running PUMP Fuel (RON98 ~ MON93) that best Power was around 11 - 11.5 AFRs. I tried leaning out as lean as 12.2 and got no extra power but more knock activity. I tried richening up in the hope to be able to add more timing and gain more power but that didn't work out. I went as rich as 10.4 AFR and instantly lost 40 BHP. There was no way timing was going to recover that.

On a TMIC I would use 10.8 ~ 11.2 AFRs thereabouts.
On a FMIC I would use 11.2 ~ 11.5 AFRs thereabouts.

There is typically much more Torque/Power to be had from properly dialling in AVCS on a LOAD based dyno than playing with AFRs.

My 2 cents,

I hoped that this isn't too off topic, but when doing your tests with the tmic and fmic, what was your final strategy for iat compensation for timing? With the temp sensor in the end tank outlet I'm not clear on what to set the compensation to. I've tried the following strategy: 0 out the compensation and tune for best torque while watching heat soak. I let the sensor come back to baseline before pulls, the temp of the first pull. Sometimes it takes quite awhile. I note the average peak temp from logs and then pull 2 degrees for ever 5 degree rise past the noted peak temp and start applying the compensation from then on.
Anyone else have a better strategy other than constant logging in daily driving?
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