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Here is what some memebers of a different forum had to say about us :redface:

"These guys rule. They ripped through a massive amount of work in a short time.

When I first talked to Hero he was more than willing to work with my budget for the install. This was really helpful. I was just looking to get all my parts on in a day, check out my build thread for the list, but it was a long list and a tall order.

With the meager amount of help I provided, it all got done in a day and it was all solid work. When I got tuned nothing was leaking. There were no problems at all. The work they do is great.

On a side note, they are cool dudes to hang out and work with. I think it is safe too say we all had a good time wrenching that day.

The work is good, the price is good, the company is good. Highly recommend them if you need work done." hiprsha666

"Motive auto is a great shop, and in their new location, super convenient to 93 and 95. I decided to give them a shot to do a water pump, plugs, coolant and PS flush and boost leak test on my 05 LGT.

I showed up at 8AM as agreed, but Alberto was running late. He ended up texting the wrong customer by accident to notify me. When he did show up about 15 minutes late, he was genuinely apologetic, and apologized to my wife who was waiting with me (with our 1 year old), which I thought was a classy move.

Work was done on time and competently. He even did the boost leak test on the house, because of the morning mishap, which is always appreciated.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these guys to anyone looking to have work done on their Subaru. He definitely knows his stuff, but also knows the customer service aspect of the business. New shop is clean and spacious, and I wish them the best going forward with the company!" BigTDogg

"They just did my brakes, among other things. Car stops on dimes, nickels and pennies, and occasionally old ladies.
Those guys are really the best." MedWRX2011

"Hey guys, just wanted to give a little review about Motive. So far I've booked 2 separate appointments with Motive and both times I left as a satisfied customer. I had my first appt with Motive a few months ago, I had them perform the 105k mile service and yesterday I had them replace my clutch. The guys over at Motive did a great job and also completed the jobs within the time line that was given to me. Definitely will be going back for future mod installations." TURTLETAK

"Big thanks to Hero at Motive for getting up early on a Sunday to swap out my rust-bucket brake rotors and pads! Did a great job and didn't mind me hanging around asking stupid questions... Brake shudder gone; the Foz feels like new again!" sevenpointsixtwo

Alberto currently has possession of my own 05LGT and I am delighted to be lucky enough to have scheduled time with him to work on it, I'd have no other.

"I have known Alberto for a couple of years having met him at some of the Subaru meets in the past and it is immediately obvious how skilled and professional he is in all respects. Alberto is completely trustworthy and an accomplished motor mechanic. His work is respected among so many people that know him and my own Stage II or whatever it turns into build is completely in his hands. I have utter faith in his work and very happy to have him just down the road from where I work. It is great to support a local business and especially for such a nice guy as Alberto, I wish him all the success in the world as he truly deserves it with all his hard work and efforts." sigmafour

"Just got my car back from motive. Brought it in there or a diagnostic because I was getting tons of timing pulled in the low end for some reason I could not solved. He did a complete look over of the car and fixed multiple issues that may have pertained to the problem. And of course after a small amount of money later and no more frustration on my end, my car is back in perfect working order. Thanks a ton Alberto.

PS, any time you want some promo pics/vids you got em." JermTheElf

"We support Motive Auto for our pre-tune checklist vendors" brentuning
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