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Default Can I flash an 02 WRX map to my 03 WRX ECU? - YES + Extra MAPS!

As the title states, can this be done without bricking the ECU?

Here is the reason I want to do this

Just need more resolution to tune out a hesitation issue I have with my 04 STI motor.

I apologize if I put this in the wrong section. If I did just kindly let me know and i'll delete it and move it.


================================================== ===============================


First off. the 02 map works

Second, this 02 map is way better then the 03 WRX map. LIKE WHAT THE HELL!


1 extra column in the Primary Open Loop Fuelling Map
Per Injector Primary Fuel Offset Compensation is bigger (8 spots compared to 1)
Tip-In Enrichment Compensation via RPM - new table!
Warm-Up Enrichment - Primary Base Enrichment Additive Compensation (Load) - new table!
1 extra row in the Base Timing Map
Engine Load Compensation (MP) is now 12x11 compared to a 2x2 (this was the main map I was interested in)

It's like better options on an older definition. Probably they weren't required on the stock 02 WRX so they removed it in the 03 WRX but let me tell you, when your heavily modified and changed to a 2.5L STI motor these tables are god sent. Heck just the extra timing/fuelling resolution is awesome!

My car ran way better just using this definition with my 03 WRX map swapped over.
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