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Originally Posted by Einzelherz View Post
Exactly. He like the rest of his inbred brethren prefer to have less space and worse ergonomics because hatchbacks are lame. Thankfully we have people like him to buy the always uglier sedan versions leaving the hatches for those of us more evolved.

If they brought the 2 door here, it would be to increase women sales.
Hate to break it to you, but 1) your opinion is not absolute truth and 2) there's a difference between hatch and wagon. A hatch was traditionally a sedan (4 door) with the trunk cut off, like a BMW 318 hatchback versus the 318 coupe/sedan, so your space argument is invalid. A wagon is a sedan with an extended cabin producing more space to the same platform.

Now, to keep my opinion SEPARATE from the logical portion of the discussion: hatches/wagons/any car with a huge sloped back (looks like a fat person) is fugly to me.

Normal cars are for people and grocery transporting and for good gas mileage. Blending purposes too much results in stupid crap like the honda crosstour and hatchbacks , and funny you should mention "more evolved" and forget commas everywhere.
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