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Originally Posted by bugeye105 View Post
lol okay im not trying to be a d*** but i dont agree. 1 personally i spent a lot of money on the mods i have (which i dont regret) and love the way my car sounds and performs as of right now. 2 i enjoy upgrading the car i have weather its "11 years old" (even though its only 10, 2012-2002=10), 2 years old or 40. 3 your basically telling me to revert my car back to stock, which i dont understand because i dont want a stock wrx or else i wouldnt have upgraded anything in the first place, which i am sure a lot of bugeye owners will disagree with u on this. and 4 getting ALL the parts i already installed in my car uninstalled, selling them all, buying all the OEM parts, and paying to put them back into my car, will still cost me money just like upgrading will, but with a lot more hassle
First off, I'm not telling you to go back to stock. I said take off and sell all the parts that aren't adding anything at all significant from a performance standpoint, and sell them.

I said reflash your ECU with the cobb map, and sell the AP. Again, no loss in performance, just $$$ in your pocket.

Your 2002 WRX was built in 2001, making it at least 11 years old.

I understand the enjoyment that comes from wrenching on your car. But I see a lot of $$$ wasted in parts that give you next to nothing, while you ignored suspension, brakes, etc. I can tell you're young. From experience, you'll appreciate the $$$ in the bank for your next project.

Sorry, can't recommend spending another $1,000 in mods on a car that's worth $5 or 6k.

But if you were going to, how about some sway bars, an H6 upgrade, and some better tires?

How about a couple track days?
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