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Unhappy I really need wits end....


I have been having issues with my bugeye for a while now. The car feels down on power, idles rough, runs rich, like 150 miles to a tank rich, and has a tendency to stall when it’s cold.

It all started about 3 years ago when I had my motor rebuilt by a “reputable” shop. I gave them 9K for a brand new short block, rebuilt heads, a 3" exhaust and TuboSX up pipe. When I got the car back I noticed the idle was rougher than it had been before the engine seized. I was told that was just because the engine had to go through break in. I listened and went through break in just like I had been told to, however when I had finished the car was still running rough. Not as rough as today, but rougher than I was been used to.
For the break in they had given me a special map to run which would run the car rich, limit boost and set fuel cut at 4K rpm. After I switched from that to the COBB stage 2 93 octane map I started getting misfire codes. The reaction from them was that the car would need to be tuned. Unfortunately I had spent all my money having the engine rebuilt and couldn't afford one. They said that the car would run without too much trouble without a tune, but in order for it to run smoothly it would need a pro tune (these guys offer pro tunes BTW). Unfortunately I didn't have the time or money to do anything further. Now about 3 years later the car will barely run.

I have tried everything I can think of to solve the issue.... I did a leak down check, I replaced the fuel filter, injectors, MAF sensor, IACV, front 02 sensor, throttle body, and turbo (I replaced a few other things, but I can’t remember all of them). I have run sea foam; I have done oil changes and used a few different air filters. I took my car to several different shops and no one could tell me what the issue was. I finally took it to someone who looked like they know what they are doing and they did a compression check and said that cylinder 3 was lower than the rest and that I may have a burnt valve. He is asking for 1500 to rebuild the motor. **Side note, other shops has done electronic compression checks and said the compression was even across all cylinders**

I am now at a cross roads, I don't know if the car needs to be tuned or if I need another rebuild. After dealing with the "reputable" shop I have come to find that have a tendency to make mistakes and push the responsibility off on the customer. I am also getting competing opinions on whether the engine needs to be tuned or rebuilt. On one had the mechanic I trust is saying to rebuild, and another shop that I worked with that has made a winning reputation building Grand-Am spec M3's saying it sounds like a tuning issue. I really need a third opinion, a tie breaker if you will.

This is where you, the NASIOC public come in. Could you please help me and tell me what you think the issue is. Thank you.
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