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Originally Posted by kukabuka View Post
Traditional definitions do not really matter. Now, the difference between a wagon and hatchback is typically whatever the manufacturer feels like naming it. And hatchbacks/wagons create more usable space than trunks even if the actual cargo space numbers don't show it.

Blending purposes produces awesome cars, like the WRX and STI wagon. Trying to make things look cool when there is no functional purpose behind it is what produces stupid crap, like the Honda Crosstour and nearly every CUV and SUV ever conceived.

As long as Americans over the age of 12 prefer form over function, and their idea of form is just brainwashing from media and marketing, hatchbacks and wagons are going to struggle here.
Very true, but what about people who actually don't want any space extra to waste? It just adds bulk to the car for someone like me and is also not as conducive to performance. it's not about optimizing my usable space, since I literally don't do anything but drive my car to work and pick up my $50 worth of groceries every 2 weeks (about 6 bags). I'd rather have good looks. Then again, my life has never and will never be about practicality. I tend to lean towards extremes in one direction or another, picking what I like and sacrificing everything else that I don't really care about or think I need...
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