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Well after waiting and not hearing anything back from my dealer rep I called and he told me my order is on "hold" along with 8 other orders. He said he asked himself and cannot get a reason as to why Subaru has these cars and many others on hold. I called SoA last Friday and they told me the exact same thing with no answer as to why the status of my car and many others is on "hold". I have yet to receive a VIN# so I have no idea if my car has even been built. I expressed my concerns with my dealer rep and told him I am rather displeased with the wait (ordered 8/9/12) and communication. He said sorry and asked me to wait until Dec 1st and if I heard nothing by then he suggested to look into another option. The only other option I have semi-considered is the Mazda CX-5, but its bigger and is a SUV and I would prefer a car instead. Not to mention it gets pricier quicker, especially equipped with awd. So my options are rather limited for awd platforms unless I get a SUV, or I will have to sacrifice awd and find a fwd car. Either way the impreza is still my #1 choice and I sure hope it gets here sooner than later so I don't have to choose something else.

Hopefully others are having better luck out there. I came into this experience of buying a new car (This will be my 2nd car I've bought new) happy, but as the days roll on and both SoA/Dealer unable to give me any information about the car after 3+ months of waiting, the happiness is getting replaced with frustration and annoyance! Maybe I should just wait until 2014 be naughty and get a 2.0 WRX
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