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Originally Posted by prohobo View Post
Unfortunately from your post, you do not seem to understand the art of this particular con (for lack of a better word). Maybe it was my lack of explanation, so let me try again.

1. They DO order the car.
2. They tell you it would take 4 weeks (which is most likely the TRUTH).
3. They call you a short time latter to tell you it has been delayed to 8-10 weeks. (the LIE).
4. They call you in 4 weeks when your car DOES arrive, but they TELL YOU it is a random car that arrived in inventory and does NOT have all the FACTORY options you ordered. However, if you want that CAR now, they can install those as "dealer options" but it will cost you $500 - $1000 more or you can wait.

Obviously no skin off the teeth of the dealer - he can sell it to someone else, sell it to you for more, and also has you locked into a car with a deposit. What's the worse case scenario for him, a loss of a deposit? Seems simple enough and plausible.

I apologize if you didn't understand this the first time, maybe it was my inability to effectively communicate it. For that I apologize.

However, I think your ad hominem efforts and calling my friend a noob is a little extreme. Are you not a moderator?
Ok, so I will say for argument's sake that this is how things went.

You get the car and look at the Monroney......this is the federally required sticker that lists all of the options with costs. How does the dealer explain that all the options that "he installed" are listed on the car as factory installed options?

sorry about calling your friend a n00b.
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