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Default Installed R180 Diff, now have grinding noise.

Hey everyone. I seem to have a bad grinding sound. We installed a R180 diff to replace a bad one that I purchased from here..Pretty straight forward install, we did it in my garage floor in a couple of hours
On the test drive, we hear a little whining sound, but nothing too bad. Then after about 20 minutes into the drive, it starts to make this NASTY grinding noise. If I am accelerating or coasting, its silent. But when I start to deaccelerate, or if I push the clutch in, the noise appears. Its very loud, and sounds like a real bad grinding.
When the car comes to a complete stop it doesn't do it anymore

We looked under the car with flashlights, but coudln't see anything wrong. I will have to jack the car up or get it on a lift to really check it out.
What do you guys think I should be looking for?

I just read a post about this happening to some people, and it ends up being a exhaust heat shield rubbing on something..But I really dont think mine sounds like that. thanks!
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