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Originally Posted by bugeye105 View Post
exactly ! thats what im talking about haha bugeye mafia. i know a lot of bugeye owners modding their cars...a car can never be too old to upgrade! especially bugeyes
I'm on my 4th bugeye, none-stock. I understand the fun. Just be smart, there are modifications that will give you real results (and don't even have to cost all that much)....and there are those that will give you really only mental satisfaction, with very little tangible improvement.

I guess I'm saying, being as young as you are, choose wisely. You'll want the money later.

BTW: The "H6" upgrade is basically up-sizing your rear rotors to those of a 2000-2004 Legacy (about an inch bigger). The results are , even in regular street driving. It's cheap, fun to do, and certainly a top 5 on the must-do mod list for these cars.

IMHO, if it's a daily-driven car, a sensible, well-rounded bugeye would have:

1. At least a downpipe (if not a stealthback or full TBE) and a reflash or a good tune (but I vote a safe reflash)

2. An uppipe

3. Front and rear swaybars

4. H6 rears

5. Steering rack bushings

Add a decent set of tires to that and possibly some suspension work depending on the status of the roads in your area...and, well, things aren't going to get drastically better on the stock turbo. Yes, I've done a bigger TMIC, equal-length headers, etc. Pretty modest gains, some added lag. Certainly not drastic bumps in perfomance which justify their costs on a street-driven car.

Most other parts, while fun to throw on, aren't netting a whole lot in the performance/$$$ ratio. Which I think should be a priority, especially when you're young.
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