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Originally Posted by arsa13 View Post
I'm actually really liking the Forester. The ride height is nice, and it has pretty decent power. It gets up to speed fast and I always feel in complete control. The downside is that it costs more, and doesn't get the MPG's the Impreza does. I know I'll like my Impreza more, but you still might want to check it out for comparison. There's plenty more of them available and I'm sure you could get a good price given your situation.

You, Max, should call SoA and tell someone your story. Be patient and polite (I was) and ask them to give you a credit for your troubles and ridiculous wait time. I got $500, I think that's the least they should do for you in your situation. I have no idea why I'd be getting my car before you, seeing as I'm in the midwest and you're on the west coast. I keep checking and my dealers website every day. I see a few (12-14) 2013 5MT MBP (hatches) premiums/sport premiums around the country on My Impreza has yet to appear on the dealers wbesite, but that's not really that important. I think I'll be waiting until the 26th, which is fine with me now that I have a car instead of a bicycle!
The forester is getting redesigned for 2014 so I would most likely wait for that. MPG is a big factor in my decision as well as the awd. I drove the CX-5 yesterday and I like it, however it would put me into a SUV and I don't want a bigger vehicle. I prefer to zip around and have an easy time parking. Plus the CX-5 would cost me more $$ by up to 5-7k (roughly).

I'm going to call my dealer again and tell him I'm just going to wait for it. I called SoA 2 weeks ago and they will be cutting me a check like they are u to help compensate for my time. There are just no other good cars out there that have awd and cost the same. The Mazda 3 is okay but again is fwd and I personally think it looks hideous.

So more waiting, sure hope I get a date soon.
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