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Originally Posted by liv4psi View Post
I just really hate when people want me to ask a shop how to build my car. I am capable of doing my own research and picking what I choose is the best course of action for my goals.

TiC and Rallispec have both been great to deal with. Rallispec shipped my gearset directly to TiC. and I will have barely over $2k invested
In fact you're box of goodies is sitting on the shelf waiting for the tranny.

Just to clarify to people in the future. We will make recommendations of parts based upon our experience on not only the race car, but our own cars as well.

They are just that, recommendations. Now, if you come in telling us want to do something and you have a parts list of things that will not work to achieve that goal we will tell you flat out that it won't work.

In the end the final decision is up to the customer, but we try and keep things realistic.

Now, if someone wants to bring in a part and have us install it we are open to that PROVIDED it is a good part, and we know it will work.

What we have here in this thread is a good example of parts working nicely as we know these parts quite well, and know the guys at Rallispec well.

A bad example is the guy with a BMW 5 series that came in who wanted to put a corvette or mustang exhaust on it because he wanted the car to sound meaner, and could get whatever POS he was talking about for cheap. We didn't want anything to do with that.

Now, on the subject of bringing in your own parts:

We have always had the stance that if you buy them through us, and there is a problem with them after the install then it is on us to fix. We then work with the manufacturer for the corrective action on our end. All the customer should have to worry about is that it gets fixed. In fact, I can think of only one case of this happening with a clutch that was just manufactured wrong. We supplied the part, and upon determination that there was a problem we fixed it. No additional cost to the customer.

Conversely if you bring in your own parts, and there is a problem with them after the install (due to the part, not the install) then it's on you to cover the labor and you have to work with the manufacturer for recourse. This has never really been a problem though because we loop back up to the previous statement of good proven parts.
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