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Default "Engine Restore" in a can


I have some recent experience that may be of some help.

My '04 BajaT with 124,xxx miles was actually running well and just thought maybe with those miles some "engine restore" couldn't hurt and may make the cruck better. I had changed the oil about 1,500 miles ago and the level was down a pint or so and I thought I'd top it off with the engine restore in a can.

So, Friday morning I add a can of engine restore to the oil just before I leave for work. On my drive home from work my engine light comes on and of course my cruise control stops working, which is a by product of the CEL. I continue driving ~ 50mph and after a couple of miles i start hearing a squealing/scraping noise and the baja's performance drops precipitously. I manage to limp it home where I read the code; which is P0011- (Bank 1 Timing over-advanced or system performance).

I researched that code online and discovered that it usually refers to the VVT oil control valve solenoid not working properly. The squealing noise with loss of performance seems to be a symptom of a failing turbocharger.

One of the steps to consider for the P0011 code is to drain the oil replace the oil filter, refill oil and run at idle for ~5 minutes drain and repeat. Seemed a logical first step rather that tow it to dealer and wait for a 4-$5,000 invoice.

Well, I did all of that saturday morning and lo and behold after the two oil and filter changes and a refill with Rotella T6 and a purolator PL14610 filter all seems normal during a test drive. Whew, dodged a bullet!

Conclusion. . .
Apparently the particles/powder that are in the "engine restore" are not compatible with a VVT turbocharged engine. However, nowhere on the can does it caution against using in same.

I'm guessing that the particles interfere with the proper operation of the oil control valve throwing the P0011 code. And those same particles do not play well with the turbocharger bearings.

So, be cautious when using any kind of oil treatment that has any kind of particles/powder in it. I will certainly not be doing anything like that again.


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