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Originally Posted by lymphomaniac View Post
4th fuel up:

Distance travelled to date - 1630.0 km (approx 1012.8 miles)
42.347 litres (11.19 US gallons) for 429.6 km (266.9 miles), 9.857 l/100km (23.86 MPG). Meter reading was 9.2 l/100km (25.57 MPG)
Average over four fuel-ups: 166.514 litres (44.0 US gallons) for 1630.0 km travelled (1012.8 miles) = 10.216 l/100km (23.02 MPG)

About 90% in craptastic city traffic.

On the bright side, I'm done with the official break-in period.
5th fuel up:

Distance travelled to date - 2058.9 km (approx 1279.3 miles)
43.724 litres (11.55 US gallons) for 428.9 km (266.5 miles), 10.194 l/100km (23.07 MPG). Meter reading was 9.2 l/100km (25.57 MPG)
Average over five fuel-ups: 210.238 litres (55.54 US gallons) for 2058.9 km travelled (1279.3 miles) = 10.211 l/100km (23.04 MPG)

95+% in craptastic city traffic.

Although I'm reserving comment on the fuel consumption vs. EPA figures until I've had a year or so to cycle through the various fuel types, one thing is certain: the fuel consumption figures on the meter are over-optimistic (ie. under-estimating fuel consumption) compared to actual fuel consumption. I have a few theories about this.

1. Fuel. I don't know where the first tank of gas came from (Japan? At the port in Vancouver?), it was the only tank of gas where the meter was over-estimating fuel consumption. All other gasoline fed into the tank was Chevron 87. My gut feeling says ethanol content is to blame.

2. Meter. The meter might be using some sort of algorithm that measures fuel consumption and only retains the last 100 or so km travelled. This could explain why fuel consumption info is so biased for the last few tanks of gasoline. Doesn't really explain the first tank, but that could be an outlier.

3. Fuel delivery. The engine is consuming more gasoline than the computer is measuring. However, like the last point, it doesn't explain the first tank of gasoline (outlier again?).

I'm going to continue to monitor the difference between the fuel consumption reading and my own calculations. If the figures remain grossly divergent, then I'll have to ask one of the techs to have a look at the meter.
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