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Originally Posted by spackyscooby View Post
So I am pretty stoked, I found a used but complete 0-3" set of 193 series of mitutoyo digital micrometers for an amazing deal. Now all I need is a dial bore gauge to be able to check/set the bearings when assembling my block.
Always handy. Me, I love my harbor-freight-special digital micrometer. Soo useful. Probably one of the better quality things they make, actually.

I'm not as stoked.. waited a bit to get a flywheel from the UK (mr2 project) that i thought was going to be exactly what i needed, and about 2lbs lighter too. Turns out, while it does fit exactly as planned, it was actually like 6 or 8 oz heavier than what i had to work with... let down. Oh well. One more car soon to be out of my garage...

And on a worse note:

Noooo! What will we all do if there are no more Twinkies being made? Oh, wait, thats right, the current supply will never age or waste away... We're good, never mind. All is well.
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