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Originally Posted by Ultimateone View Post
Biggest thing IMO is just looks super filthy but now it's winter time it's not as easy to keep it spotless I suppose. The shots aren't that bad at all as well.
Yes, I hate how dirty it looks. I'm 100% positive that it would look fine on a nice overcast day though. The small light sources make the dirt show up so much more. My car is no cleaner than this for any of my day time pictures, and it usually looks super clean unless you go pixel peeping.

Originally Posted by low-n-slow View Post
Not a question or comment about the pictures but a question about your rubber. If I'm not mistaken those are Altimax Arctics, correct? If you have run those in previous winters how would you rate them on a scale 1-10? 10 being the best.
Yes, they are the General Altimax Arctics. I used them the last two seasons on 16" steelies. This year I changed to 17" OEM wheels and got the General's again. I'm very happy with them. They are great for the price. They do really well in the snow, and that's what I'm looking for. In the dry they're pretty mushy, so not the best for spirited driving, but that's not my goal.

Originally Posted by Red. View Post
I don't think they look too bad at all! Especially if this is a first or near first try. Black is a really challenging color to get lit properly. You must have great recycle times (or using a lower power setting) on your light to get to fire it off a dozen times in 30 seconds! But, in all seriousness I highly recommend getting a high-output 5500k flashlight. Or even rig up a white fluorescent tube light to 12v of battery power and use that. You could also get a little soft box for strobes (I forget the manufacturer's name) to use either with your strobe or with this flashlight I keep recommending to people. And you might try bumping your ISO up to 200.
I was using a 580EXII and tried various power settings from 1/32 up to about 1/4 power. Recycle times obviously went up as the power went up. I have stands and umbrellas/softboxes available, but I haven't had good results with those either. I did try increasing ISO and/or decreasing aperture, but then the ambient light started to creep in more.

Do you have any recommendations for a flashlight? Preferably something I could get on Amazon, or locally? I'm not really seeing much come up? If there are any good battery powered tube lights I would also consider that.
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