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Originally Posted by Equilibrium Tuning View Post
Ok. Lets look at torque. The rotated 35r car hits 400ft-lbs by about 4700RPM and keeps going to 460ft-lbs while your car doesn't even hit 400ft-lbs. Also remember that you're comparing your road pull to my dyno pulls. On the road these cars spool a good 300-400RPM sooner than on the dyno in the same gear. I also highly doubt that you would hit the same power with more timing. Your system has significantly more back pressure which means you will hit MBT at a lower ignition advance. I could be wrong of course, but you can't just assume that you're going to pick up 50whp+ without trying it.

Again, I'm not knocking you or your tuning, just saying I'm not a big fan of the current FP turbos. Including the laggy FP red you posted that I tuned.

-- Ed
Even if you shift the graphs to the left by 500rpm my car will still make more torque than those cars at 4000rpm. I have stock rods so I am keeping my torque down intentionally. If I wanted I could make this thing make tons of torque. You don't think I can make 30whp (compare to red) or 50whp (compared to the 35r) with a EWG and 5* of more timing?

Understand, I know we are not discussing tuning but we are discussing turbos and setups. This turbo is very good in IMO and I am very happy with it. I don't consider my setup laggy at all, I respect your opinion.
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