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Got an email from a kid asking for a job:
Hi I was wondering if you guys need another 2 hands around the shop? I'm 17 I've been around cars and installed aftermarket parts on and off, took trannys off, I don't know everything but I want to learn! Please let me know if you guys are interested In a helper! Thx!

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So I had to send a response that might help him out a bit in the future
Thanks for the email, but we are good for now.

You should know that many adults don't take people seriously that contact them via email for job opportunities. Nothing beats face to face communication and introductions. Second to that is a phone call. Then ACTUAL mail with letter and lastly, email. Email is very impersonal and doesn't take any effort. Business owners want to see people who are motivated and actually put out effort. Sitting in front of your computer or in your case doing it from your iphone is effortless and lazy. Not to say that you are lazy, but that's the message you put out when it says "Sent from my iPhone" at the bottom of an email that you didn't even finish off with a "regards" "thanks" "sincerely" or anything with your name at the bottom. Email is only acceptable if it includes a full resume and the company was actually looking for someone or had an add out for employment.

Don't worry though, I get lots of these.

Just figured I'd pass on a little wisdom to help you nail the next job.

Have a good one,
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I realize that email is the new form of communication, but it's so fake.
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